Dmitry Shkolnik

I am a data scientist/economist currently working at Grab, based in Singapore, where I work on research related to economic incentives, behaviour, safety, and policy. Prior to that I spent a while in the Canadian public sector where I tried to figure out new ways to understand international travellers. I try to support open-source projects and open data where possible. I enjoy learning and using new tools whenever the opportunity presents itself, but I work primarily in R. This entire website was constructed in Rmarkdown using blogdown and Hugo.

I’m am one of the authors of the cancensus and cansim packages. Many of the posts on this page that relate to Canadian data use one or both of these packages, which I likely to shamelessly promote. I also made the airportr package, which is used by about a dozen people.

If you wish to get in touch with me or work with me, please use any of links at the top of this page to find me on social media or just to email me directly.