1. What is the most "normal" city in Canada?

  2. A look at the Vancouver mayoral race twitter picture

    Using Twitter data and NLP tools to look at the timelines of the six most prominent candidates for Mayor of Vancouver

  3. The CANSIM package, Canadian tourism, and slopegraphs

    A quick introduction to the cansim R package using an interesting dataset about Canadian domestic tourism trends

  4. Make better maps in R with vector tiles

    Short tutorial for using and styling vector tiles in R for more flexibility with maps

  5. Mirror images: city similarity with t-SNE

    Using machine learning to find similar cities across many dimensions.

  6. Diversity and Segregation in Canadian Cities

    Comparing spatial patterns in visible minority groups across Canadian cities.

  7. Airportr: a lightweight package for airport data

    Building a package to work with airport data

  8. The Great Wait

    A look at age-specific birth rates in BC